Here are examples of errors in translations that can be embarrasing to the client.


Lost in Translation

Embarrassing moments in Translation:


Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba


To celebrate Christmas, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba suggests have dinner at lexury Restaurant.


Google Translator


Many people think that Google can solve all their translation needs.  They are wrong. This is what happens when an accent is missing in Spanish:


Spanish: "La mama de Britney es muy agradable."

English: "Britney's breast is very pleasant."


The correct version is:


Spanish: "La mamá de Britney es muy agradable."

English: "Britney's mother is very pleasant."


Just finished a job into Spanish that had this embarrasing moment: "If parent disagrees with an assessment performed by a pubic educational agency, the parent has the right to obtain one at public expense under specified circumstances." Of course "pubic" was translated as "public," and advised the client to make changes on the original English version.